Learn While You Earn Education Program

Clients view educational videos and engage in worksheets and discussions regarding parenting, healthy family relationships, making positive choices affecting their children, nutrition, exercise, sexually transmitted diseases, health risks caused by STIs and a variety of other topics that affect women of today and their families. In exchange for hours spent on education, clients may earn Pack n’ Plays, car seats, diapers, baby clothing and other infant necessities.


Life Coaching

One-on-one life coaching is integrated into our Learn While You Earn Program. Each client receives an hour of life coaching during which they are able to ‘unpack’ their story, identify values and explore tools that allow for growth and achievement of goals.



The Well Life program gathers expecting and parenting mothers in a group setting to focus on topics related to mental and physical wellness such as: Connecting with Others/Building Lasting Relationships, Mindfulness, Learning, and Physical Wellness. Incentives are offered at each session to support the learning and wellness goals of the program.


Free Pregnancy Tests

Women’s Life Care Center offers client-administered free pregnancy tests. These tests are the first introduction many women have to our services.



Referrals for Medical Services & Professional Counseling

Client advocates encourage our mothers to seek the resources they need to insure they are receiving proper medical attention and professional therapy if needed. Center staff routinely refer clients for medical services, such as ultrasounds and STI testing at equipped pregnancy care centers and medical clinics, as well as assist with health insurance referrals through the county and referrals to mental health clinics.


Adoption Counseling and Referrals

Our center offers adoption referrals and counseling, using licensed adoption agencies.


Referrals for Food and Clothing

The center uses local food shelves and free clothing agencies as referrals as well as requesting used clothing items from center volunteers and donors. We also provide free maternity clothing to expectant mothers through our Learn While You Earn and Life Coaching programs.


Referrals for Intimate Partner Violence Prevention and Legal Aid

The center refers clients experiencing domestic violence to the regional navigator for the east metro. We also assist clients in accessing free legal aid services if needed.


Assistance and Referrals for Housing, including pregnancy homes

The center uses state and federally funded agencies, as well as privately funded agencies, for our referrals. We assist clients in completing needed county paperwork such as monthly household report forms.


Financial Assistance for Pregnancy-Related Situations

The Center also offers financial assistance to mothers facing financial hardship who have completed our Learn While You Earn program. The agencies used by the Women’s Life Care Center are Cradle of Hope, the St. Paul Foundation and The Life Fund of the Archdiocese of Saint Paul and Minneapolis.


Car Seat Program

Our clients earn car seats by participating in the Learn While You Earn education program. Two of the center’s staff are certified car seat installers who train car seat recipients in the proper installation and use of the seats.

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GED Preparation

Help in preparing for the General Educational Development (GED) test is provided on as as-needed basis by our program director, a well-experienced educator.