Learn & Earn

Eight to Nine compact and informative sessions for moms who are currently pregnant or parenting an infant.  Mothers receive education on various topics such as newborn care, safe sleep nutrition for mom and baby, parenting, prenatal development and car seat safety.  We have two certified car seat technicians on staff. As mom completes each 2 hour topic lesson, she receives necessary items for her baby. At the end of the program, she will have earned all of the essential items for baby care and safety.


Life Coaching

Each of our programs offer the component of life coaching.  Coaching is based on the principle that our mothers are resourceful and have the capacity to find solutions to the challenges in their lives.  Life Coaching focuses on building self-esteem, confidence, reducing stress, problem solving and goal setting which in return helps our moms to realize their own personal gifts and talents. Through the coaching process, clients are encouraged to  make meaningful changes to improve their lives and the lives of their families.


Well Life

A six month class which meets twice per month, Well Life is a maternal wellness and life skills group which empowers women in their important role as mothers.  Sessions promote success for today’s busy parent by offering tools for self-care, baby bonding, healthy eating, budgeting, fitness, career planning and other related topics. Each class encourages  learning, mindfulness, physical wellness, and connecting with others to build lasting relationships because a happy mom makes a happy family!