Life Coaching

During coaching, clients are encouraged to be intentionally present to their lives – to pay attention to how they are ‘showing up’ for themselves. This presence of mind, of being, can result in profound change. In the case of Julia, below, it helped her to mend vital relationships.

Julia scored high on the stress scale when she began coaching. Her life felt unmanageable. She was at risk for pre-term birth because her uterine wall had ruptured. She had to drastically reduce her work hours as a personal care attendant. Eventually, she had to quit working altogether. 

Then, her husband was laid off. Problems with her stepchildren weighed her down. She felt tired, overwhelmed. As she moved through her 10 coaching sessions, changes were happening. She was learning to ‘speak her truth’ more fluently.  As she began to look at problems from new perspectives, communication between herself and her stepchildren’s mother improved. She was more respected within those relationships. Tensions subsided. 

Perhaps most important to Julia was the improved communication between herself and her mother. Their relationship had been very strained in recent years. 

However, rather than revisit old issues, Julia decided to simply move forward – and a bridge was built to allow for a new relationship. During coaching, Julia uncovered forgotten gifts and talents, and remembered past successes. She began to see a variety of new career opportunities. Buried dreams were resurrected. On her final day of coaching, her stress score was significantly lower than when she began.

Julia completed her pregnancy on schedule and delivered a beautiful baby girl, now three months old. With child care well in place, Julia has returned full time to her former job, and she picks up extra hours when she can. She can but is planning a new venture with her husband.

She continues to come to WLCC for support and parenting education. When Julia comes to the center for her appointments, she uplifts and encourages those around her. She now donates clothing that her daughter has outgrown for our other mothers.

Julia indicated that coaching helped her make positive changes in these areas: setting and achieving goals, parenting, finances, health, education, stress, employment, self-confidence and relationships.

“This coaching program helped me to understand different perspectives of my life,” she reported. “I found out things that I hadn’t realized about myself before. I wish it could be available to everyone.”

Ave Lataiwec