Well-Life: A Little YOU Time (Tips for Exhaustion)

Being a new mom or experienced mom can be stressful. Sometimes as mothers we find ourselves loosing ourselves in motherhood. We often neglect our own well-being and self care but for good reason. We are preoccupied with nurturing and raising beautiful boys and girls. That’s the best job you could ever get!

At Women’s Life Care Center we know parenting is a demanding and sometimes stressful job. We also know that when we lack to take care of ourselves we can become emotionally, mentally and physically drained. So we decided to come up with a way we could help moms find time to take care of themselves, develop new skills, and take some well needed YOU time. Well-Life is a new program designed to help mothers join other moms who want to feel empowered and supported in their very important role. 

The FOUR PILLARS of the Well-Life Program are Learning, Mindfulness, Connecting with Others and Building Lasting Relationships, and Physical Wellness!


Our program features a variety of topics relevant to busy moms ranging from parenting to stress management to good money management. Taking time to learn can not only benefit you but the whole family because you can bring what you learn home.


Taking some time to meet your needs will help you meet your family’s needs. With Well-Life, be ready to set personal and family goals and let us help you achieve them. Get the tools you need to be a focused and fulfilled parent.

Connecting with Others and Building Lasting Relationships:

All of our sessions take place in a group setting. Learning is more fun with others. In each session, you and other moms have the chance to learn new skills and gain new ideas to help with daily life with a baby and/or children. Join other moms who want to feel empowered and supported in their very important role.

Physical Fitness:

Part of mental wellness is also the feeling which comes from being active and living a healthy lifestyle. We all want to make healthy choices for ourselves in our family’s. Our sessions include healthy eating ideas and cooking classes as well as tips on physical fitness and relaxation tips for home.

Most of our sessions will take place at the Life Center. Be prepared to travel off-site for some mom-centered adventures and activities, like cooking classes, physical fitness, and spa time!

If you join Well-Life expect a warm, welcoming environment, healthy snacks and refreshments, a chance to learn, meet, and bond with other moms, incentives and handouts at each session, and a hour long session led by a knowledgeable and support staff member or guest speaker.

The program runs twice a month for an hour for a total of six months!

If your interested in joining Well-Life and embarking on this wonderful journey of motherhood with others while gaining new experiences, skills, and support please contact us at info@womenslifecarecenter.org. You can email or call us at 651-777-0350.

 Taking time to meet your needs will help you meet your family’s needs.

Until you are ready to join Well-Life below are some wonderful tips for when you’re exhausted as a mom.

Taking care of mom makes for happier, healthier families!

Whenever you feel you need to take some YOU time or re-energize try out some of these 10 tips:

1. Grab a stack of books and crawl on the couch or bed and read.

2. Grab your favorite relaxing music, light a candle and give yourself a at home facial or warm bath.

3. Be sure you are eating plenty of protein and healthy snacks to stay energized.

4. Go for a walk with the kids. Grab the stroller and go on a nice walk around the lake or neighborhood block. Be patient, and go slow. Your kids will enjoy it and it will refresh you.

5. Go to a community library with a kids area and let them explore while you get some work done yourself!

6. Shower. Even 5 minutes can make a difference.

7. Find a local community playground or indoor playground and take the kids out for a new environment. Give them plenty time to wear themselves out!

8. Make a healthy smoothie compacted with fruits, vegetables, and protein!

9. Find a gym with childcare, like the YMCA. Workout for two hours while the kids play along with other little ones in the child care area.

10. Practice healthy breathing. Take deep breaths and refocus.

A bonus: Try to get a good night’s rest!